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Aiko number 273

I keep joining fashion communities and getting pissed off with the lack of structure when it comes to constructive criticism. Some of you guys are probably like "Oh fuck, not you" but I'll only be posting in 2 other communities, I swear, your FL will not be raped.

Name (Nicknames are Fine): For lack of a better pseudonym.... Aiko.

Age: 20 in 2 days

Where do you Live?: London, UK

Who/What are your Main Fashion Inspirations?: I don't really have a person who I desperately want to look like and analyze their outfits but this man seems to have a huge influence on my life.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I also get some from Parliament/Funkadelic, mainly George Clinton (back in the day) and Bootsy Collins.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Do you Have a Favorite Brand?: Vivienne Westwood when I can get it

In Which Group do you Think Your Style Would be Placed? [VK/OK, Lolita, Decora, ect.]: Pimpass mother fucker. I also like elements of VK, Fetish, Steampunk, Gyaru etc.

Share Some Pictures of your Style!:


This coat is intense. I got it at a vintage sale with another coat and other bits and pieces for £20. I love it like hell but it is hard to do stuff with it thanks to the way it does up at the front.

Completely ripped off THIS image.

It was my housemate's birthday and she celebrated at a Rollerdisco and insisted we go in fancy dress. Perfect excuse.

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The problem is that the vast majority of the time I have no idea where to give you criticism. Actually, I think this is the only time I have any advice (which is that I think the second-to-last outfit would look better with clean high-top sneakers instead of boots).
Ahh, damn XDDD With that outfit I wore leggings with it, because it was damn freezing.

Deleted comment

Thank you :D most of the costumey stuff I don't wear out unless I have somewhere to wear it too, which doesn't happen often thanks to university work.
I saw him too, it was immense.
Welcome to the community.
Thanks for posting ;3!

I quite like your outfits and accessories. Something that caught my eye however is your eyebrows 8D;; wtf, do i sound weird yet? The first picture had lovely eyebrows but I don't care too much for the ones in the second picture (with the red/black coat). D8 too broad?

OHOH last outfit is sexy.
>_> it'd look BANGIN' with tiny gold stud earrings that make people lean in to see. And maybe something simple and classy like a thin gold band on your finger or bracelets.
And I can't see your makeup clearly in this particular picture but i think more gold in your face would definitely make heads turn 8DDD pretty gold eyeshadow that blends into coal.
I imagine it'd look lovely with some boots like this, but with the same texture and color as the jacket 8D

;______; ilovethatman. >_> that's why i'm called prince
Yeah, they look weird there, I think I drew them too high that day haha. I have a hateful relationship with my eyebrow, I wish I hadn't have gotten rid of them.

Thank you! I've not got my ears pierced, and the only clip on ones I own are bigass gold hearts and gold hoops. I believe that I wore my old engineer boots that you cant really see here.

I'm way too obsessed with him D:
>_>;;; ohgod you should have saw my eyebrows before I started maintaining them...
*COUGHCOUGHHACK* 8DDD;;;; anywayyy.

have you ever thought of getting them pierced? I honestly didn't think you wouldn't have them done. xD
8D oh YES those boots go with it marvelously.

iwannabehimwhenigrowup >83
haha I have always loved your style so's hard D:

I think the red + black outfit could lose the vivienne westwood pin because the outfit has mainly gold accessories/details but then it is suddenly silver?

but I do love the Kera-style image, so much detaiiilll :D
haha well thank you

Yeah I can see what you mean, I think I just wanted to use it in an outfit because I had just got it and I don't wear much silver.
Ohay Aiko.
Welcome to the comm. 8D

I agree with my fellow mods up there, pandasuu and king_sob.
They pretty much said everything I was going to say. :3

I personally love your taste in well... everything~
So, kudos to you for actually knowing what style is, haha.

Oh, and I must say, orange wig on you = love.
It looks stunning~

Princeee is amazing~
My mom has loved him for the longest time. xD
She went to see him in concert when we lived in Santa Monica and when she met him he gave her a tambourine~!
Needless to say, she was very happy. :3

Keep up the damn sexy outfits. 8D