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Time to kill means intro posts

I'm a part of several other fashion comms, but I lurk in most of them. If any of you are tired of seeing me - I'm sorry! ;_; I try not to rape people's friends list too badly. XD

Though I figured this one might actually be useful, since I'm still trying to figure out what the hell my style is. ^.^; Anyway, without further ado...

Name (Nicknames are Fine): To most, Bree. Some address me as Shinya for one reason or another. At some point people have tried to combine the two and create "Brinya". I really don't care either.
Age: 23 (holy god I got old!!)
Where do you Live?: Central Illinois, where the poser large cities reside!
Who/What are your Main Fashion Inspirations?:

Though, honestly, I don't think either directly influence how I dress. It's more a little bit here and a little bit there and how they constantly change their styles. Though Shinya has been my source for haircuts the past couple of years.
Do you Have a Favorite Brand?: Not particularly? I don't own much brand and that's only if you want to count Korean brands.
In Which Group do you Think Your Style Would be Placed? [VK/OK, Lolita, Decora, ect.]: Fantastic question XD I honestly have no idea. My style can be so absurdly schizophrenic that I have no idea what you'd want to call it.
Anything Else you'd Like to Tell us?: I am absolutely and utterly retarded when it comes to hair and make-up, so I rarely ever do anything special (whenever I wear make-up, 7 times out of 10 it's been applied by someone else and they hate me for it because I'm obscenely twitchy). I admit and accept this fact. I'm willing to learn! What I lack in hair and make-up skill, I like to make-up for with an array of crazy socks, legwarmers, arm warmers, etc. I love socks. I have no idea. You'll see what I mean.
Share Some Pictures of your Style!:

I wish I had a better close-up of the shirt. I have other plans for the bottom part of this outfit, I just haven't put them into affect yet. Sadly, the massive ugly sweater featured in this picture fell victim to a laundry accident. Ironically, it actually fits me now.

(actually, I never really dress like this, this is just an extra picture of the most recent set I've taken. I was proud of myself because I actually got my hair to stay up for longer than three minutes XD)

As for the March Meme...

I think the skirt has to be one of my greatest purchases every, aside from my vintage now-shrunken ugly green-yellow sweater of doom. It's done by an independent designer, and buying it totally turned my on to wanting to buy more stuff like it. One day, I would love to commission her to do a custom dress, but currently she's not taking orders and I'm lacking the funds right now. I love it. Sadly, the socks and shirt I put with it in this picture have gone missing and the zipper of that hoodie broke. XD I needed to try to figure out something else to make it more colder weather appropriate anyway. So, as of right now, my favorite outfit is out of service. ;_;
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