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Intro and Meme

My plans to go out and enjoy a not-actually-spring break when down in a ball of flames because of freezing fucking rain and more snow, so I'll make use of the time and post.

Name (Nicknames are Fine): Hyena works.
Age: 22.
Where do you Live?: South Dakota usually. It's not special.
Who/What are your Main Fashion Inspirations?:

Kyo. Well... before the tracksuits, anyway.

Razor Candi

Do you Have a Favorite Brand?: Mmm, not anything particularly special. Vivienne Westwood like all of the visualfags and Betsey Johnson like all of the scenefags.
In Which Group do you Think Your Style Would be Placed? [VK/OK, Lolita, Decora, ect.]: Most of my casual clothes probably fall more under visual kei or oshare kei, so I guess that.
Anything Else you'd Like to Tell us?: 'Sup guys.
Share Some Pictures of your Style!: What I wore today:

Patterned hoodie + graphic tee + dark jeans + hat + some sort of interesting shoes = my failsafe. Also, that hoodie is the sexiest thing ever on the grounds that it's leopard print velvet. I'd my a lolita dress with that material if I knew how to sew.

And then... sometimes... I wear dresses. It's fabulous.

And for the sake of the March meme:

I would love this if not for the fact that my hair looked like shit. :|
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Welcome to the comm~!!
I quite like the leopard print tights = w=
When you wear them I think you should incorporate more leopard print higher up on your torso. Like a leopard print broach or tie. With the dress/wig outfit you could put something leopard print on the hat to make it fierce

also, you should try fake eyelashes. I think they'd compliment your eyes.
Would a leopard scarf work too?

Hahaha, I do wear false eyelashes every once in a while. Just not very often because I usually lack the patience to put them on and have them look right. :x
oh! definitely. ;3 just something to draw more attention upwards.
>_>;;; me and falsies have a love/hate relationship
Ohayyy first poster.

I love your eye makeup in the first picture, it fits your eyeshape perfectly and the application is nice~
The only things I would suggest for the makeup is maybe a bit of lip gloss and possibly fake lashes.
The gloss is always a nice finishing touch to makeup, I think. *nods*
The eyelashes, too.
The hoodie is nice, I rather like it, but I think it looks like... a little too</b> much, you know?
I would suggest keeping the hoodie unzipped and maybe layering a couple shirts under it.
A long, thin scarf around your neck might look awesome, too~!
The leopard print laces in the Creepers were a good choice, very nice. ;D

The dress picture I really like; and the longer hair looks great on you.
I think this could be improved though.
I'd say wear a belt around your wasit, maybe something with a little silver on it?
Or better yet, a belt that has leopard print on it to balance out the leopard print on your leggings!
SOMETHING should be on the upper half of your outfit that's leopard print, atleast.
Also, I'd try some white boots/shoes to go with the white on your cute little sweater, there. :3

The last one, is almost perfect~
Once again I think something leopard print on the top half of your outfit would make this look mucmuch better.

And just for the record, I think you should grow your hair out if you aren't already.
I think your face would look much better if it was framed by some hair.
And I mean that in the most unass-y sounding way possible. 8D;;
Ignore that. >_>
The problem with wearing a belt with that dress is that it's empire-waisted, so belts tend to look weird with it.

I am actually in the process of growing my hair out. The problem is that it's so frustrating and tedious and I usually get to a point where I snap and hack it all off. I put some pink in it to try curbing the urge, but ugh... :| Sometimes I feel like there should be a goddamn support group.

Deleted comment

Aw... XD I love pugs. I think they're so hideous they're cute.

Mmm, again, I think belts look bad with that dress. Maybe a bright-colored cardigan instead, like this?
i love the outfit with the dress, but i think it'd look better with different tights. maybe black, lacey or sheer striped ones?

and yeah, the red shirt + vest looks fantastic.

<3 waka~
What do you mean by sheer striped?

I love Waka. XD
Great outfits! :D However, if I were you I would not were that cardigan with the leopard tights, the different patterns do not quite match. Maybe a very colorful cardigan instead?