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Aiko number 273

I keep joining fashion communities and getting pissed off with the lack of structure when it comes to constructive criticism. Some of you guys are probably like "Oh fuck, not you" but I'll only be posting in 2 other communities, I swear, your FL will not be raped.

Name (Nicknames are Fine): For lack of a better pseudonym.... Aiko.

Age: 20 in 2 days

Where do you Live?: London, UK

Who/What are your Main Fashion Inspirations?: I don't really have a person who I desperately want to look like and analyze their outfits but this man seems to have a huge influence on my life.

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I also get some from Parliament/Funkadelic, mainly George Clinton (back in the day) and Bootsy Collins.
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Do you Have a Favorite Brand?: Vivienne Westwood when I can get it

In Which Group do you Think Your Style Would be Placed? [VK/OK, Lolita, Decora, ect.]: Pimpass mother fucker. I also like elements of VK, Fetish, Steampunk, Gyaru etc.

Share Some Pictures of your Style!:


This coat is intense. I got it at a vintage sale with another coat and other bits and pieces for £20. I love it like hell but it is hard to do stuff with it thanks to the way it does up at the front.

Completely ripped off THIS image.

It was my housemate's birthday and she celebrated at a Rollerdisco and insisted we go in fancy dress. Perfect excuse.

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