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Intro and Meme

My plans to go out and enjoy a not-actually-spring break when down in a ball of flames because of freezing fucking rain and more snow, so I'll make use of the time and post.

Name (Nicknames are Fine): Hyena works.
Age: 22.
Where do you Live?: South Dakota usually. It's not special.
Who/What are your Main Fashion Inspirations?:

Kyo. Well... before the tracksuits, anyway.

Razor Candi

Do you Have a Favorite Brand?: Mmm, not anything particularly special. Vivienne Westwood like all of the visualfags and Betsey Johnson like all of the scenefags.
In Which Group do you Think Your Style Would be Placed? [VK/OK, Lolita, Decora, ect.]: Most of my casual clothes probably fall more under visual kei or oshare kei, so I guess that.
Anything Else you'd Like to Tell us?: 'Sup guys.
Share Some Pictures of your Style!: What I wore today:

Patterned hoodie + graphic tee + dark jeans + hat + some sort of interesting shoes = my failsafe. Also, that hoodie is the sexiest thing ever on the grounds that it's leopard print velvet. I'd my a lolita dress with that material if I knew how to sew.

And then... sometimes... I wear dresses. It's fabulous.

And for the sake of the March meme:

I would love this if not for the fact that my hair looked like shit. :|
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